Hi!  I'm Martin Callahan and I have been a private tutor of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) for twenty years.  I gained my CELTA (Cambridge English Language Training for Adults) certificate at International House, London in 2002 and I have taught a wide variety of students here in London.

If you need help with your English, whether with reading, writing, speaking, listening (or all of these), please get in touch with me and let me see how I can help you.  I will also check your university or college essays for mistakes and improve the way you express yourself.  I will travel to your home or office, or meet you in a cafe or similar place.  I do not charge extra for my travel costs or time.

Please contact me as follows:

Email:  martinenglishtutor@yahoo.co.uk

Telephone:  (07746) 717564

If you don't catch me on your first attempt, do please leave me a message or try me again.  I'd love to talk to you!

Fee: £50 per hour (60 mins)

OR:  £75 per hour and a half (90 mins)
payable by PAYPAL only for mutual security.

How to save money:
- Book a block of TEN one-hour lessons: £485 - save £15 on full price of £500.
- Book a block of TEN one and a half hour lessons:  £720 - save £30 on full price of £750.

***SPECIAL OFFER*** If you require practice in English CONVERSATION only, and if you are in my local area (N10), the fee is £30 per hour. There are no reductions for block bookings on this special offer. Fees are still payable IN ADVANCE by Paypal, as cancellations cost me money and are very unfair to me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students must give AT LEAST 24 HOURS’ notice to cancel a class. If LESS than 24 hours’ notice is given, that class will be LOST and the tuition fee will be taken by the teacher as a cancellation fee.  Further, please note that ALL classes booked must be actually taken by the student within a MAXIMUM SIX MONTHS of the date of booking.  Any outstanding hours (still not taken) by this date will be lost and will NOT be refunded.  All bookings are FINAL once payment has been made, and are NOT refundable except in very exceptional circumstances.

If you're a past student of mine, please send me a review here:  martinenglishtutor@yahoo.co.uk


  • "It is my pleasure to recommend Martin Callahan as an English teacher.  Martin is a patient and helpful teacher who always makes the effort to adapt to his students' needs.  He will help you to improve your fluency and self-confidence, the most important things for learning English.  Carmen Alfonso Escrivà, Valencia, Spain."
  •  "Holder of the Aggregation in History and highly graduated in English, I had to improve my English level after a long time without regular practice of the language. Indeed, I had to teach history in English in European classes in September 2006. Fortunately, I met Martin, thanks to the internet, and we spent a week speaking English two hours per day. Thanks to his teaching skills, I really made progress: I can now speak English fluently. The only way to thank him is to express my satisfaction by the means of this message. Emeline Picard, Nancy, France.
  • The same student writes in French:- "Agrégée d'histoire et licenciée en anglais, j'ai dû, après une longue période sans réellement pratiquer la langue de Shakespeare, retrouver rapidement un niveau d'anglais suffisant afin d'enseigner en classes européennes histoire/anglais. Grâce à internet, j'ai pu prendre contact avec Martin et suivre à Londres près de deux heures de cours pendant une semaine. Il a parfaitement compris mes attentes, et a rapidement analysé mes points forts et mes faiblesse: grâce à son sens pédagogique, j'ai rapidement progressé enanglais, tout en apprenant beaucoup de la civilisation anglaise. il me semble donc tout a fait normal de lui signifier ainsi ma satisfaction et mes remerciements pour son aide. Emeline Picard, Nancy, France."
  • "It's so dynamic and it's due to the preparation you have input previously. What I like the most is the idea of learning with fun and at the end of each lesson you immediately feel you have improved your skills. Keeping a word that you have learnt the first time you've heard it is an incredible achievement. Katuiscia Benloukil., Londres & France."
  •  The same student writes in French:- "J'ai commence a prendre des cours avec Martin il y a quelque mois et je peux voir que mon anglais s..est améliorer de manière signifiante. Je n'emploie plus des mots basic pour m'exprimer et mon vocabulaire s'est beaucoup étoffé. Je parle avec aisance, sans chercher mes mots. Ceci ma beaucoup aide dans mon travail de tous les jours. En tant que marketing manager il est de priorité que ma langue anglaise soit irréprochable et Martin a réussi a changer ma manière d'employer mes mots et mes expressions pour un meilleur impact. Sa flexibilité est de très grande aide. Je ne parle pas de flexibilité de temps mais surtout au niveau des exercices. Il n..hésite pas a changer les exercices lorsqu'il voit que j'ai complètement acquis certaines règles de grammaire et de passer a d'autres exercices comme la prononciation ou encore des exercices de vocabulaire pour que je devienne une véritable bilingue. Mais ce qui est le plus remarquable c..est sa détermination a ce que vous ne fassiez plus les mêmes erreurs. Il a une méthode propre a lui, que je n'ai jamais vu avec d'autres professeur, a ce que l'erreur que vous garder depuis toujours disparaisse une fois qu'ils vous en parle. Il vous explique pourquoi vous faites cette erreur et la logique du mot, du verbe, de l'expression pour que vous ne l'oubliez plus? Apres quelque mois de cours hebdomadaire (juste 1 heure par semaine) j'ai réussi a être promu de marketing manager a marketing Director et ce, grâce a Martin qui m'a donner tout ses outils pour me sentir a l'aise lors de ma prise de parole en public et avoir de l'impact dans mes écrits professionnels. Katuiscia Benloukil., Londres & France."
  • "I think that Martin Callahan is one of the best English teachers I have ever met. He gave me lessons during my stay in London. Each of the lessons with Martin was interesting and, moreover, very useful. I think that the most important thing is that Martin is a professional, specialized teacher, so his lessons are not limited to conversation, but also include grammar and the "way to say" things. He is also empathetic and nice - the right way to learn English. For any other information on this matter you can call me at my office: +39.02.430019103.  Gloria Bacchetta - Sales People, Italy."
  • “You are the best English tutor in London!!!  I always remember my lessons with you with great pleasure.  Christine Gallmetzer, Bolzano, Italy.
  •  “In connection with my professional activity, I was looking for English lessons in London. I checked different possibilities on the internet and what Martin proposed seemed the most appropriate.  I spent ten days with him, 4 hours a day, and I think that was the perfect choice according to the price and the time I had to spend there. The lessons were personalized and complete. I recommend it for foreign adults who want to improve their English quickly and would like to be more confident in business speaking.  Eric Brunswick, Satourne Productions, France.